Regretfully the Noosa Festival of Surfing wishes to announce that the High Performance Freestyle Championship (HPFC) has had some major setbacks this past week! 

Unfortunately, our presenting partner of this division has withdrawn their sponsorship which we are absolutely shattered about!

Their decision to withdraw has nothing to do with the Festival/Event which they support wholeheartedly and love what it’s all about. Unfortunately due to the current costs of living, the delay in certain industries bouncing back from Covid, as well as supply chain issues still lingering, it was ultimately a reluctant business decision made at the last minute. 

The good news is through our strong community and businesses on the Sunshine Coast. We have been able to secure a last-minute sponsorship from a local sustainable sunscreen label, Ochre Sun. Alana Kennedy from Ochre Sun heard about the opportunity and quickly jumped on board to help out to ensure this division can still go ahead as planned albeit with reduced prize money on the line.

Chairman of World Surfaris, John Finlay also heard of this unfortunate news and quickly contributed some extra funds towards the division to see it go ahead. Along with passionate longboard figure and former professional surfer, TJ Atwood. Putting some of his own personal funds up to see the progression of high-performance longboarding continue at one of the biggest events on the longboard calendar. 

“This is an event organisers worst nightmare when important funds fall through a matter of weeks from the Festival kicking off, plenty of sleep is lost, believe me! But yet again, this strong surfing community has proven to me that there’s angels out there looking out for us and seeing the importance of continually progressing longboarding and giving our athletes the best chance for success and a platform to grow their careers. I can’t thank Alana from Ochre Sun enough! Her involvement has saved this division. World Surfaris have also thrown a life raft, even after dealing with 2 years of next to no business, the fact they are willing to assist financially speaks volumes! Lastly, former professional surfer and advocate for HP longboarding, TJ Atwood has dipped into his own back pocket throwing in plenty of his own cash to see the future of this division prosper. I don’t know many people like that and we are so grateful” – Josh Allen (Event Organiser)

The Festival is forever greatful to these people and what they have done for the sport!

What happens from here?

  1. Prize money has been reduced to $10,000 ($5k for womens, $5k for mens). 
  2. Each competitor who has entered will be refunded $70 AUD to bring it back in line with the WSL, LQS division. 
  3. Competitors who are entered and who would like to completely withdraw from the division, please let us know and you will receive a full refund for your entry. 
  4. Athletes wanting to register for the division, please >GO HERE<
  5. If you have any questions regarding judging criteria, surfboard criteria etc please contact our contest Director, Tully St John.

See you on the beach. 

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