Noserider official invites

A global showcase of the world’s very best!

The Noosa Festival of Surfing is blessed to have the very best surfers converge to the shores of Laguna Bay every single year.

In 2024, we welcome a very special field of 24 world-class noseriders, encompassing men, women, and juniors.

This prestigious event, known for celebrating the finesse and elegance of noseriding, promises an electrifying display of unique skill only a few can master.

The carefully curated lineup includes established names and emerging talents, ensuring a diverse and competitive field. Beyond the competition, the festival offers a vibrant atmosphere with live music, art exhibitions, and the latest surf films on display.

The Noserider has been a fan favourite for many years but took a couple of years hiatus, before being reintroduced with great success in 2023. Local hero and 2023 World Champion, Harrison Roach took home the chocolates in 23′ and will be looking to defend our winner takes all prized event again.

The inclusion of juniors in the main field adds an exciting dimension, emphasizing the event’s commitment to nurturing the next generation of surfers, many of which will give the regular podium finishers a run for their money.

Your 2024 invitee list below:

  1. Harrison Roach (defending champion)
  2. Bowie Pollard
  3. Clinton Guest
  4. Augusto Olinto
  5. Dane Pioli
  6. Jai Lee
  7. Joel Tudor
  8. Josh Constable
  9. Kai Sallas
  10. Kaimana Takayama
  11. Kaniela Stewart
  12. Matt Cuddihy
  13. Taylor Jensen
  14. Zye Norris
  15. Avalon Gall
  16. Honolua Blomfield
  17. Mason Schremmer
  18. Sierra Lerback
  19. Soleil Errico
  20. Rachael Tilly
  21. Landon Smales (Junior)
  22. Lennis Currie (Junior)
  23. Hunter Williams (Junior)
  24. Ryder Worthington (Junior)

Reserves: MEN

  1. Kai Ellice-Flint
  2. Matt Chojnacki
  3. Jared Mell
  4. Jack Norton
  5. Nic Brewer
  6. Thomas Bexon
  7. Taka Inu
  8. Ben Considine

Reserves: WOMEN

  1. Kirra Molnar
  2. Bea Conroy
  3. Jade Gower
  4. Hiroka Yoshikawa
  5. Josie Prendergast
  6. Tully White
  7. Emily Lethbridge
  8. Charlotte Lethbridge

Reserves: JUNIORS

  1. Jimmy James Tualima
  2. Mia Waite
  3. Jack Tyro
  4. Nyjah Duazo
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