The Noosa SUP Challenge will make an emphatic return to the Noosa Festival of Surfing after a 5-year hiatus.

Welcome to the Noosa SUP Challenge presented by Kennards Noosaville, part of the 2022 Noosa Festival of Surfing.

Paddlers leave the finish line of the 2016 Noosa SUP Challenge

The Race

The Noosa SUP Challenge is an opportunity for paddlers to compete against each other in either a short course (5-6kms) or long course (12-15kms) around the pristine waters of Noosa Heads during the annual Noosa Festival of Surfing, March 2022.

We anticipate 100-150 competitors of all ages and ability levels. New paddlers to world-beaters are welcome to race in Amateur or Professional divisions including:

  • Junior U16’s Boys and Girls
  • O40’s Mens and Womens
  • O50’s Mens and Womens
  • O60’s Mens and Womens
  • Open Men and Womens
Ironman, Matt Poole taking in the Noosa SUP Challenge

First Point, Noosa will be our start and finish line with paddlers starting with a 50m soft-sand dash to start the race.

From here paddlers will angle towards Double Island point, pass around a buoy, heading towards Noosa National Park where they will make another turn and head back towards First Point, hugging the stunning fringe of Boiling Pot, Nationals, Johnsons along the way.

The 5km short course participants race will complete 2 laps of the outlined course, while the 12km long course will complete 5 laps of the course. Both courses will finish with a 50m sprint up the sand to the finish line.

The 12km Open paddle champion, 2nd and 3rd place will be rewarded with prize money.

This is your chance to join Noosa’s first flat water race since 2016 in a new all inclusive format designed to cater to beginners and test the pro’s.

Paddlers head North pointed to Double Island Point – Noosa SUP Challenge 2016

Please Note: If weather conditions do not permit a flatwater race on the open beach, the SUP race will be moved to our backup location. Course B shown in the event details will be used which consists of a flat water race around the Noosa Heads canals. Another amazingly scenic location for the race.


Start and finish at First Point (main beach)

Paddle North towards Double Island Point to pass the first checkpoint.

Angle back towards Boiling Pot and along the coastline back to First Point. Short course paddlers will do 2 laps, long course paddlers will do 5 laps.

course b (backup plan)

Note: Course B will only be used if we are unable to use Course A. This decision will be made on the day and paddlers will be notified via email and/or text.

Start and finish at Lions Park Beach.

Short course paddlers will complete 2 laps of Noosa Parade. Long course paddlers will complete 5 laps.


  • Paddlers may on enter one (1) race as all paddlers will begin the race at the same time.
  • Early bird discount of 20% is valid until the end of January 2022 (code: GIE20OFF)
  • Paddlers will be given a t-shirt and race bib on the day
  • The race is estimated to start at approximately 3pm on Saturday 12th March.

2022 Registered Competitors

Troy FAZAKERLEY O40’s Mens & Womens (long course)
LozStephensonO40’s Mens & Womens (long course)
NellieRichterO40’s Mens & Womens (long course)
MichelleKennedyO40’s Mens & Womens (long course)
WayneGarlandO40’s Mens & Womens (long course)
WadeAveryO40’s Mens & Womens (long course)
StevenBowdenO40’s Mens & Womens (long course)
AdamNorfolk O40’s Mens & Womens (long course)
Kelvin Ruane O40’s Mens & Womens (long course)
Troy FAZAKERLEY O40’s Mens & Womens (short course)
BenStockwinO40’s Mens & Womens (short course)
RickyGattiO40’s Mens & Womens (short course)
JeffFielkeO40’s Mens & Womens (short course)
NicPalmerO40’s Mens & Womens (short course)
CamGrahamO40’s Mens & Womens (short course)
LindaSydesO40’s Mens & Womens (short course)
MeganKellyO40’s Mens & Womens (short course)
KarenGibsonO40’s Mens & Womens (short course)
PhilipEggletonO40’s Mens & Womens (short course)
BlairCaseyO50’s Mens & Womens (long course)
MegBennett O50’s Mens & Womens (long course)
KarenHallO50’s Mens & Womens (long course)
Brett Swann O50’s Mens & Womens (long course)
JanetBuchanO50’s Mens & Womens (long course)
MatthewSydesO50’s Mens & Womens (long course)
SteveTrezise O50’s Mens & Womens (long course)
JuanCruzO50’s Mens & Womens (long course)
MandiBaileyO50’s Mens & Womens (short course)
DannBaileyO50’s Mens & Womens (short course)
David BowieO50’s Mens & Womens (short course)
AnnieWatsonO50’s Mens & Womens (short course)
Dale Gobbe O50’s Mens & Womens (short course)
AdrianHollandO50’s Mens & Womens (short course)
LivSmallwoodO50’s Mens & Womens (short course)
PollyannaDarlingO50’s Mens & Womens (short course)
VickiWagnerO50’s Mens & Womens (short course)
EricaStylesO50’s Mens & Womens (short course)
DavidFitchO50’s Mens & Womens (short course)
CharmaineKochO50’s Mens & Womens (short course)
MonicaKrummenacherO60’s Mens & Womens (long course)
PeterKrummenacherO60’s Mens & Womens (long course)
MichaelWhiteO60’s Mens & Womens (short course)
AnneForestier O60’s Mens & Womens (short course)
KaelanLockhartOpen (Long Course)
PaulJonesOpen (Long Course)
SarahIwanoczkoOpen (Long Course)
haydenwilliamsOpen (Long Course)
MarianoCastanedaOpen (Long Course)

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