The 2020 Noosa Festival is fast approaching.  This year there are a few event changes, – please read through the following information carefully.

We are still a long way out from starting day and many decisions are yet to be made about event progressions and competitor numbers.

As the entries are received for the respective divisions, we will be reviewing final numbers and fitting them into our program.  

As you know, our program of events is always full and there are limited numbers on many of the divisions this year, so we strongly recommend that you enter early to ensure you have a slot. We note that even where numbers are not limited from the outset, we reserve the right to limit entries even in those events at any time. Last minute decision makers may be disappointed.

Updates to this page will be made from time to time before the Festival starts, so keep an eye on this page and our social media to keep yourself in the loop.

1. The details


Similar to previous years, certain events will offer a first round repechage. If you fail to qualify in your first event, you will have the opportunity for another session. If you lose in round one, then check for your repechage heat time.  Some first round repechage heats may be on the same day as your first heat. Competitors are advised to check the schedule carefully.

Checking In and Participation

Please check in and register on time. All registration locations and times are on the Festival website. Please don’t just turn up at the beach.  If you are in a Division with a repechage and you miss your first heat, then you can still surf in your repechage.

If for any reason you are unable to surf, please let us know in advance and we can slot in a reserve.


Payment Acceptance

All events [speciality, teams and age] must be entered through the official Noosa Festival of Surfing website and paid in full.

Event Location, Times and Heat Duration

The event is mobile between First Point and Access 11, Noosa West, daily. Check the notice board for the day’s location, placed at the First Point Podium at 6.00 am. It will also be on the website and posted daily to the official Facebook page

The event starts promptly at 6.30am with a full schedule every day consisting of 20-minute heats and finals, with the exception of repechage heats that will be 15 minutes.

ALL REPECHAGE HEATS WILL BE 15 MINUTES, BEST 2 WAVES.  After your heat, make sure you know when you surf next, sometimes this may occur just a few heats later on the same day.

Attendees are advised that latecomers will be unable to participate – we urge you to be punctual.

Onsite Noticeboard

The official notice board will be next to the judging podium on the beach or at First Point, it will be on the boardwalk adjacent to the Official entry to our Event HQ. Daily heat schedule and updated progression sheets for all divisions will be posted on the notice board.  All official information for competitors will be on the notice board, attendees are advised to check in regularly.

Daily schedules and heat draws will also be available online at the Noosa Festival website [ ].

Venue information will be posted on the Festival Facebook page each morning as soon as the call has been made. [ ]

Beach Marshall

Our Beach Marshall is located on the beach next to the judge’s podium. Please arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of your heat to get your contest vest.  

Competitors are required put the vest on in the presence of the Beach Marshall. Then at the direction of the announcer, you can enter the water, usually with 5 minutes to go.  Competitors must keep the contest vest on until returning to the Beach Marshall and then remove it. This is essential as photos are taken at all times.

Our friendly Beach Marshall will help you with any questions you may have. 

As a courtesy – on the paddle out, please keep well clear of the competitors in the current heat.

Competitors Note


The Beach Marshall will have the heat instructions posted at the table for you to read. These typically include; heat duration, number of waves, paddle out time, designated right of way situation for interferences and number of places qualifying for the next round. Please check this carefully & personally.

Please read the event waiver posted on the notice board at the daily event site and on your entry form. This forms part of your signed entry agreement and your obligations.

Note that the surfboard specifications are NOT the same for all longboard divisions.  

Boys & Girls Under 15 Division is set at 8 foot and Over.

Other Divisions to meet the current longboard 47” aggregate and 9 foot length.  

High Performance Divisions have their own specifications [see below] . This [HP] means multiple fins are allowed, but a traditional plan shape must be used.  

It is allowable for logger boards to be used in the HP divisions, but not the reverse.

LENGTH is measured along the stringer on the deck. All events are conducted under the Surfing Australia Contest Rulebook.

All age divisions will be 20 minute heats and finals, 20 minutes repechage heats as well. 

All the age events are non-prizemoney and will be judged on the normal Surfing Australia High Performance Longboard criteria, using normal longboard specifications [9 foot length and 47” aggregate].

All our event staff are approachable, experienced and happy to give you answers or chase up the information for you. Please ask.


The age events are all being conducted under the Surfing Australia Contest Rules and your two [2] best waves will make up your score.

Our event permit locations will be First Point and Access 11.  First Point is our “prime location”. As a competitor, you must keep up to date with where and when your heat is to be held. If we move between locations, we will be as fast as possible and keep the event flowing.

In any heat, if you are not present to collect your contest vest when the heat starts, you may arrive later and still collect your vest and enter the water for the duration of the heat remaining.

In divisions with repechage, you will also have the option of taking your place in the repechage if you have missed your first round heat & thus finished in the last 3 places. No substitutions will be allowed unless the Contest Director has been informed of your inability to compete at least 30 minutes before the heat starts. To give reserves a chance of getting a normal start, please advise any changes as soon as possible.

We try to update progression sheets on the Noticeboard during the day as results come in, so you can check out your next heat and who you are up against. Heat forward seeding numbers are included on the progression sheets so you can path your progress yourself, but make sure you double check with the official sheets to make sure.

3. Special Notes for some Divisions: 

[PLEASE NOTE: Most Rules / Criteria have been taken from Surfing Australia Rule Handbook. However, the Festival organisers reserve the right to amend any rules or criteria to suit Festival purposes at any time without notice].

LOGGER EQUIPMENT RULES [extract from Surfing Australia Rulebook]. 

Logger Specifications

  • The board length is minimum 9 feet measured from the nose to the tail on the deck of the surfboard
  • The width dimensions are to be a total minimum 51 inches in aggregate. This is the total of the widest point, plus the width 12 inches up from the tail and 12 inches back from the nose
  • The board will have a single central fin that may be permanently fixed or attached via a fin box. There must be no provision for any other fin configuration
  • The rails of the surfboard will be 50/50 or 60/40 from nose to tail
  • The board will have no resin edge from rail to tail
  • The fin will be at least 8 inches from its mounted base to the highest point
  • A provision for attaching a leg rope should be attached / inserted into the surfboard. The use of leg ropes will determined by the conditions and at the Contest Director’s discretion
  • The board will weigh a minimum of eight (8) kilograms


“The surfer must perform a variety of traditional longboard manoeuvres in the critical sections of the wave with continual motion, style and grace. The surfer must display uninterrupted flow with control of the surfboard with emphasis on creativity and the linking of manoeuvres over the entire duration of the ride. The surfer who performs to the criteria above, exhibiting the maximum degree of difficulty and commitment on the waves shall maximise his/her scoring potential.”

Logger Scoring Guidelines and Manoeuvres

The following manoeuvres are considered to be more traditionally based and should be considered when scoring logger surfing in a competition environment.

There are some manoeuvres that “cross-over” all surfing disciplines. However, there can be a more traditional approach that is obvious with these manoeuvres, especially with the constraints of the design of the logger boards.

The words: continual motion, flow, style and grace directly relate to how the surfer reads the wave and performing the manoeuvres that “fit” to the wave. Stylish and flowing – traditional elements will become obvious when the surfer is committing to the entire criteria.

Classic nose rides are usually best when the walk to the nose is set up by a tail stall or directly in from the arc of a turn.

  • Nose rides – touch 5 and 10’s and extended 5’s and 10’s
  • Cheater 5 nose rides
  • Cross-stepping and reverse walks
  • Layback cutbacks
  • Cutbacks – Drop knee, cross step, roundhouse
  • Tube rides – Cover-ups
  • Re-entries – Off the face and lip

Minor and transitional manoeuvres are considered to have little scoring potential in the competition system.

  • Bottom turns
  • Fade takeoffs
  • Stalling and trimming
  • Side slides
  • Hawaiian pullout

Old Malibu Division boards used must be produced prior to 1968.  An appointed “eminent historical sub-committee” chaired by the Contest Director, will adjudicate on any protest regarding equipment.  


Teams Challenge will feature up to 20 teams, each of four [4] surfers. 

ALL rounds of the Teams Challenge have a heat time of 30 minutes with the best single wave of each surfer counting [maximum 2 waves per surfer may be ridden]. The final will be one hour with six (6) teams competing. 

All teams must submit their list of competitors in the order they will surf, and also nominating any substitute surfers (max 2 allowed) who may be called in later rounds.

Please note: a surfer can only be nominated in 1 team throughout the event. Team lists need to be emailed to the Contest Director Sean McKeown ([email protected]) no later than Sunday (23/2/2020) prior to the event.

Team Challenge main rules and penalties:

[check Surfing Australia Rulebook at ], but your essential rules are as follows]:

  1. 4 surfers make up a team. Teams must have either a junior (under 18) OR a female surfer as 1 member of the team. There will be the ability to “buy” a professional surfer at the Charity Dinner, which will be held on Sunday 3 March 2019. More details will be available on the website in due course. You do not need to know the names of the surfers in your team to register your team in the event.
  2. Surfers enter the water in a declared order that they decide themselves.  
  3. Each surfer can catch up to 2 waves but only the best one is counted. If a surfer chooses the first wave, then they can leave the water immediately.
  4. The event runs like a “relay” for those new to this event [over 30 minutes per heat, nominally 7.5 minutes per surfer].  Team boxes are on the beach, first surfer leaves box on siren to start, rides waves, return to box and tags next surfer on body to changeover. New surfer must be tagged inside the box. Final surfer crosses into box to finish.
  5. Final team member must be back in the box within the time or a 5 point penalty is applied.

DOG SURFING Dog Surfing Spectacular. Having your dog on board for maximum time with attitude and both dog and rider walking with style not shuffling will be a key element.

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