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The Junior Divisions stand out as a major attraction at the Noosa Festival of Surfing. Held during the initial weekend of the event, the performances by the Junior boys and girls are consistently impressive. Many of these young talents go on to establish successful careers, with notable names like Kaniela Stewart (USA), Harrison Roach (AUS), Zye Norris (AUS), Mason Schremmer (USA), Sierra Lerback (USA), and more having emerged from these ranks.

The festival cleverly schedules the Junior Division on the first weekend, allowing the young surfers to showcase their skills before the main events unfold later in the week. This accommodation is particularly convenient for the groms, who have school commitments during the weekdays.

Beyond their surfing prowess, the groms contribute to the festival’s unique atmosphere. Often spotted cruising around on skateboards, e-bikes, or e-scooters between heats, they infuse a playful energy with practical jokes among themselves and even on unsuspecting onlookers. This lively vibe is infectious and reminds many of their younger years hanging at the beach with mates.

For those eager to follow the Junior Division action, the draw will be available approximately one week before the festival kicks off. The Junior Division events will culminate on Sunday, March 10th, with award presentations held at the beach bar.

A big thank you to NEO Creative. Never – Ending – Opportunity, which is a great underlying message they wish to pass onto these young kids with bright futures in surfing and anything else in their lives.

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