A Green WAVE Partnership with Ecovantage

In 2024, the Noosa Festival of Surfing is making waves in sustainability through a groundbreaking partnership with Ecovantage. The festival’s commitment to minimizing its ecological footprint and setting new benchmarks for major events in the Noosa shire is evident through its dedication to sustainability initiatives. These include the Waste Warriors program, plastic-free policies, and carbon reduction efforts. All of which Ecovantage will play a pivotal role in 2024.


Since 2007, Ecovantage has been supporting businesses and households reduce energy use and contribute to the fight against climate change through a reduction in emissions. They reliably deliver a range of energy efficient technologies, including heat pump hot water systems, solar PV, batteries and EV chargers, as well as professional services and solutions, such as carbon neutral certification, energy audits and NABERS ratings.

As Australia’s largest Certificate Provider, Ecovantage works within federal and state based energy efficiency schemes in NSW, Victoria, SA and QLD. These schemes help commercial and industrial organisations, small to medium enterprises, and households access incentives for energy efficiency upgrades.

With offices in the Sunshine Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, and Adelaide, Ecovantage is staffed with employees who are genuinely passionate about climate change and are dedicated to helping Australians manage carbon and energy effectively. They have helped Australians abate over 9 million tonnes of greenhouse gases so far, and are working towards smashing their goal to reach 10 million tonnes by 2025.

Sustainable Event Practices:

Synonymous with sun, surf, and community spirit, the Noosa Festival of Surfing is growing responsibly. The collaboration with Ecovantage, an advocate for energy efficiency, signifies the festival’s dedication to reducing its energy consumption and combating climate change by lowering emissions. This partnership serves as a model for responsible event management, influencing other major events in the Noosa shire.

Waste Warriors Initiative:

The festival’s standout sustainability initiative, the Waste Warriors program, supports our sustainability goals and is designed to educate the public on the best practices when it comes to waste management. Minimising the festival’s environmental impact is our highest priority which contributes to positive change in the local community.

Plastic-Free Policies:

Acknowledging the threat of single-use plastics, the festival has implemented strict plastic-free policies since 2019 when event managers, World Surfaris took over the Festival. Across vendors, food and beverage offerings, event merchandise and packaging. Attendees can expect an eco-friendly experience that promotes awareness and responsible consumption. Since 2019, the Festival has reduced single-use plastic water bottles by 4,000 bottles.

Carbon Reduction Efforts:

The Noosa Festival of Surfing actively addresses carbon emissions through its partnership with Ecovantage. Every aspect, from transportation to event logistics, undergoes careful consideration to minimize the festival’s carbon footprint.


As the Noosa Festival of Surfing welcomes the waves and community in 2024, it does so with a renewed commitment to sustainability. The partnership with Ecovantage, combined with the Waste Warriors initiative, plastic-free policies, and carbon reduction efforts, positions the festival as a trailblazer in responsible event management. By setting new standards for major events in the Noosa shire, the festival becomes a beacon of environmental stewardship while celebrating the spirit of surfing for years to come.

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