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Final Results

Final results of the Cricks Noosa Festival of Surfing 2014 presented by Jeep:

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Day Seven Wrap

As if we couldn’t wish for more, the best got better on day seven of the Cricks Noosa Festival of Surfing.

Transparent waters arced into mechanically peeling waves leaving commentators and spectators alike speechless in their perfection. Surfers counted down the minutes until their heat, frothing at the mouth to get their share of the immaculate offerings of Noosa’s First Point. [Read more...]

Robert August presents ‘Endless Summer’ Tonight!

6:30pm, XXXX Summer Beach Bar and Zinc Stage


The 50th Anniversary ‘Endless Summer’ takes to the screen once again this evening from 6:30pm, presented by none other than star of the film, Mr. Robert August.

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime – don’t miss out!


Win A Trip To Fiji!


Wanna go here? If you are a competitor in the Cricks Noosa Festival of Surfing you might just get the chance – for free!

World Surfaris are giving away a trip for two to the Matanivusi Resort in Fiji. But you’ve got to be in it to win it! Be at the XXXX Summer Bright Lager Beach Bar on Saturday for your chance to win!

Other prizes include:

Don’t miss out! All competitors are automatically entered, but you must be there to claim your prize!



Day Five Wrap

Day five dawned immaculate for the Cricks Noosa Festival of Surfing. Unlike the wobbly waves of previous days, First Point was like well starched corduroy, perfect peelers wrapping into Laguna Bay to give the early heats of the Noosa Longboards Men’s 60 and Over competitors a glorious playing field to work with.

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Womping Wednesday

The Deus Body Womp Comp is a new addition to the diverse range of divisions at the Cricks Noosa Festival of Surfing. Leaving boards on the beach, competitors donned fins and paddled out for this body bashing, gut-sliding fun-fest.

Here’s a little taster of today’s action, courtesy of Panga Productions.

Day Four Wrap

Wobbly waves filled First Point at dawn, but, as if on cue, they cleaned up, smoothed out and presented beautifully groomed faces for competitors in the first event of the day, the Bank of Queensland Family Challenge.

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Day Three Wrap

Early showers broke to blue skies for day three of the Cricks Noosa Festival of Surfing, as the Bank of Queensland Family Challenge. The father-son teams of Win and Matt Cuddihy and Peter and Brett White were expected standouts, Alex Bulpitt also impressive to back up his old man, Graham.

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From 5.30pm, Monday, March 10, PJ Burns Festival Village on the beach

The Surf Auction is back! The 2014 Foam Symmetry Rockin’ Surf Auction is bringing the relics back to the Cricks Noosa Festival of Surfing, the much-loved, eagerly anticipated event taking place at the fully licensed bar right on the sands of First Point. Free for all ages, as in previous years the auction is drawing heaps of attention and some superb examples of vintage surfcraft and collectibles.

Bill Wallace 3

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