EcoEvoSurf Logger (Women)

The EcoEvo Surf, Womens Logger Pro is the definition of classic longboarding style, feminine grace and contemporary longboarding at its very best. Gender becomes irrelevant when these girls surf, and there’s no denying that some of the performances we have seen in recent years are every bit as good, often even better, than their male counterparts.

If you want to see logging at its finest, look no further.

Mason Schremmer comes into the 2022 Festival as the number one seed, but hot on her heels is another ex-Hawaiian in Sierra Lerback. We also can’t overlook the talents of Emily Lethbridge, Rachel Tilly and Luca Doble.

2022 Competitors:

  1. Mason Schremmer
  2. Sierra Lerback
  3. Emily Lethbridge
  4. Rachel Tilly
  5. Luca Doble
  6. Kathryn Hughes
  7. Jade Gower
  8. Kirra Molnar
  9. Lucy Small
  10. Wano Liao
  11. Mia Waite
  12. Leena Mun
  13. Anna Jalasti
  14. Bea Conroy
  15. Seal Yates
  16. Kirra Calleja
  17. Blaze Angel
  18. Minna Blackwell
  19. Gabi Streader
  20. Ava Robertson
  21. Dippy St Baker
  22. Sonja Vahasaari
  23. Toni Gewin
  24. Sasha Jane Lowerson
  • Womens Logger Pro - R1 & Requalifiers Wednesday 9th March
    Womens Logger Pro - R3 Thursday 10th March
    Womens Logger Pro - Qualifying Final Saturday 12th March
    Womens Logger Pro - Final Sunday 13th March

One to Watch

Mason Schremmer

Mason has been competing in the Noosa Festival of Surfing since she was a young teenager. Originally from Hawaii, Mason moved permanently to Noosa and now is hopeful of winning her new home town event, for the first time.

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