International Womens Day Celebration Film Night

Join us for the WSF x International Womens Day Film Night Celebration

Get ready for an entertaining night out with the girls. Kick back and watch a cool collection of inspirational films celebrating female surfers from independent filmmakers. We’ll have a fun panel chat, hosted by Belen Alvarez Kimber with film producer Lauren Hill, Lucy Small, Kirra Shale and Kirra Molnar. In association with Inner Relm.

We’re stoked to screen the Australian premiere of “Femme Ocean“, Toronto Womens Film Festival award winning doco film, featuring powerful and inspirational stories of women around the world following their passion of surfing and creating new paths for the next generation.

Our film night line-up also includes:

“The Physics of Noseriding”: The noseride is one of surfing’s peak moments: part fluid dynamics, part magic. But how does noseriding actually work? What makes this suspension between sea and sky even possible? The Physics of Noseriding explores the question through the eyes of Namaala, a young surfer whose people were flying on the water before the world even knew what surfing was. Her curiosity invites us to examine the sensation of levitation that unfolds as wave, surfboard and surfer come together for surfing’s fluid dance.

“Below Surface”: Follows longboard surfer Lucy Small as she grasps the baton from the renegades who fought for equal opportunity in the world of surfing decades before her. After winning a surf competition in Sydney’s Northern Beaches in 2021, and receiving a prize of less than half the male division’s award, Lucy courageously called out the event organisers on stage for their blatant misogyny. The incident went viral and catapulted Lucy into a world of accidental fame.

“Pear Shaped”: Lauren Hill, pokes fun at all that with a little absurdity from the everyday realities of being a woman in the water…”Pear Shaped” is a tip of the cap to the people who shrug off the unique challenges of surfing and choose to go anyway.  Smile… pass it on!

Tickets are limited, so get in early to secure your seat!

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