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The Noosa Festival of Surfing is always thrilled to welcome an ever-expanding international contingent of surfers.

In 2015, the festival hosted surfers from 14 nations around the world, including China, Vanuatu, Portugal, Taiwan and New Caledonia. They come alone, with friends, in teams, and sometimes they bring the whole family.

France’s Delpero brothers provided a spectacular show across several divisions this year and numerous local Noosa families – including the Cuddihys, the Wilsons and former world champion Josh Constable and his nephew – took part in the Family Challenge event. But one family, visiting both the festival and Australia for the first time, shone just a little brighter.

Hailing from the white sands of Waikiki, the Schremmer family are as talented as they are genial, always a smiling quintet at First Point and always impressive in the lineup.

“We have many lasting impressions [of the Festival],” says mum, Patty. “Lovely beaches, friendly people, incredible surfers, great surf breaks, the Festival was so impressive. The support and enthusiasm for the event is fantastic. The athletes and the sponsors, the local restaurants, shops, tourists all seem to share the stoke.”

Originally from Florida, the Schremmers emigrated to the Island State five years ago, Patty, an ex-pro golfer, and Dad, Mike, an ER physician, bringing the three girls, Mason, 15, Lola, 14 and Scarlett, 8, to their new home in Honolulu.

Swiftly adopting their new lifestyle, the girls got their introduction to surfing from the beach boys at Hawaiian Ocean Watersports and the Star Beach Boys at Waikiki beach.

Since then, it has been a rollercoaster of success and results for all three girls. Multiple finalists at this year’s Noosa Festival of Surfing, Mason and Lola went on to place first and second respectively at the Australian Longboard Open at Kingscliff, while young Scarlett, giving away almost three decades to some of her fellow competitors, showed incredible promise in our Women’s SUP division.

Already excited about their return to Noosa next year, the family submitting their competition applications as soon as entries opened last month, the trio of surfing girls has had a host of exciting results back home.

Mason won two National NSSA Championship titles and also finished 2nd in the Surfing America National Championship in both longboard and SUP for the 18&under divisions.

Lola finished 2nd in the NSSA National Championship in SUP (behind her sister) and, with her Margaritaville TV surf team, won the 2015 Waikiki Wahine Classic Team longboard competition in June.

While Scarlett, at only 8 years old, was the youngest qualifier for the Surfing America National in SUP.  Scarlett also just won the Open Women’s SUP title for the 2015 Waikiki Longboard Classic last month, having to beat out her sisters and three others in the final.

Superb competitors, talented surfers and embodying the spirit of aloha, the Schremmers encapsulate so much of the festival’s ethos of camaraderie, family and 8 Days of Pure Stoke. We can’t wait to give them a warm Noosa welcome back.

The Noosa Festival of Surfing runs from 5th to 12th March 2016, welcoming competitors of all ages, divisions running from Under 15 to Over 70, with entertainment all week long for the whole family.