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If you would like to become part of the world’s largest surfing festival, help support the local economy and join us in our 8 Days of Pure Stoke, please email info@noosafestivalofsurfing.com for further info.

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The Noosa Festival of Surfing will return in 2017, once again with the generous support of Laguna Real Estate as named partner.

“It is fantastic to be involved in such an international event which attracts people to Noosa from all over the world and Australia,” enthuses Olivier Miller, Principal of Laguna Real Estate, who brought much needed last-minute support to this year’s event to make it possible.

Presenting the Men’s Open division in 2017, Noosa’s premiere real estate agent for sales, long-term and holiday rentals, Laguna Real Estate has become an integral part of the festival, synonymous with our ‘8 Days of Pure Stoke’ and inspiration for the continual tide of ongoing local support.


The XXXX Summer Beach Bar has been the hub of nocturnal activity for the last four years and the venue will return, bigger and better, in 2017. With a collection of films, music and other events all FREE to the public, the jam-packed schedule will make the XXXX Summer Beach Bar will be the place to be when the sun sets.

It would be hard to find a more perfect place in the world to enjoy a post-surf evening of camaraderie, good tunes, surf films and a host of other events. We are stoked to welcome XXXX Summer Bright back on board and look forward to announcing a schedule of excellent activities over the coming months.

If you are a filmmaker or musician wishing to take part, please email your submission to music@noosafestivalofsurfing.com

Local Noosa company, Red Energy Promotions, have been official merchandisers of Noosa Festival promotional products for many years now, offering their professional service to creating a swathe of merchandise. Caps, t-shirts, bags, stubbie coolers – competitors have transported Red Energy products far and wide across the planet, mementos of their ‘8 Days of Pure Stoke’. Red Energy Promotions are the leaders in promotional products and merchandise for business, sporting, government and charities throughout Australia, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea. Their product range is enormous, including printed stationery, personalised pens, stubbie coolers, uniforms & clothing, headwear and corporate gift ideas to name but a few.

Noosa Surf Club is the ‘best seat on the beach’, overlooking Laguna Bay with views from the National Park, through First Point and all the way up to Double Island Point and beyond. With the festival taking place on their doorstep, the Noosa Surf Club has long been a proactive supporter of the event, and in 2017 returns once more as the Naming Rights partner of the Noosa Surf Club Waterman Weekend.

The first weekend of the Noosa Festival 2017 comprises SUP divisions, bodysurfing, dog surfing, the Noosa Civic Family Challenge and much more, making it the perfect, family-oriented weekend of fun and oceanic activity for the Noosa Surf Club to align with.

The diligent lifeguards will be on duty all day, every day of the festival, providing safe bathing for spectators and visitors alike, with the odd one or two members also getting involved in the competition side of thing – though not while on duty!

The Noosa Surf Club offers an extensive bar, great menu and the perfect vantage point for viewing all the action – stop in and say hi during out ‘8 Days of Pure Stoke’.

One of the biggest drawcards of the festival in recent years has been the VetShop Australia Dog Surf Spectacular. Loved by all, broadcast around the world, bringing personalities such as Layne Beachley, Mark Richards and TV’s celebrity vet, Dr Harry Cooper, the Surf Dog Spectacular is a standing-room-only fiesta of hydro-hounds and four-legged friends. Back again in 2017, the defending champions of the doggie division will return to defend their title as Top Dog.

‘Mr Dog Surf’ himself, Chris de Aboitiz will be hosting the VetShop Australia workshops at Noosa River, after completing a one-month tour of the East Coast. The Dog Whisperer is always on hand to introduce his canine team and offer words of wisdom for novice trainers and their furry students.

VetShop Australia is joined in 2017 by Seresto, an innovative, odourless flea and tick collar offering all your hydro hounds, and even your aquatic kitties, 8-month, waterproof flea and tick protection.

VetShop Australia is the one-stop shop for all your pet needs, from medicines and treatments to collars, leads and books and DVDs about training and caring for your pet. Click on their logo to visit their website.


It’s a name that echoes through the corridors of surfing history, founded way back in 1959. When Larry Gordon and Floyd Smith first came together in San Diego California, they were among the few leading the innovative charge in surfboard design and surf retail and formed a partnership that would resonate far beyond their years. Iconic to this day, their brand remains, and Gordon & Smith joins the Laguna Real Estate Noosa Festival of Surfing for the first time as partner.

Swathed in secrecy and mystery, Gordon & Smith brings a whole new event to the Laguna Real Estate Noosa Festival fo Surfing. So enigmatic it doesn’t even have a name yet, the unique, invite-only event is set to be nothing short of spectacular. 12 carefully selected invitees and four wildcards will battle it out on two G&S-model boards, one long and one short.

20 minutes, two boards, only the best single wave of each board scored – it’s up to the surfer to pick which board first and for how long, and it’s sure to be a superb display of water skills – whoever gets invited! Stay tuned to our social media for more news on this very special concept division. We are stoked to welcome Gordon & Smith to the festival, as partner and innovator of this new division.

Golden Breed has become a name synonymous with the Noosa Festival of Surfing in recent years. Every contest photo that whisks its digital way around the world features the iconic Golden Breed logo on the rash shirts of competitors, and the famous Golden Breed Noserider Pro has become as eagerly anticipated each year as it is spectacular to watch.

In the heart of Noosa Heads and one of the closest surf stores to the festival venue, Golden Breed not only continues to offer unwavering support for the Noosa Festival of Surfing, it also provides competitors and visitors everything they could need for our 8 Days of Pure Stoke, from boards wax and legropes to apparel and a diverse quiver of locally-made and imported surfboards.

The Golden Breed store on Noosa Drive, right next door to Halse Lodge, crams its four walls with all the product you could wish for, and their festival stall on the sand at First Point makes much of their gear accessible without missing a beat of the action. We’re thrilled to announce Golden Breed‘s return for 2017.

Chaparral has been building boats fo half a century, and it’s safe to say they know what they’re doing. Ultimate performance with no compromise in comfort and luxury, Chaparral boats make a day on open water exhilarating, dynamic and a whole heap of fun. Established as fishing and leisure boats, Chaparral evolved with the times, first through waterskiing and, more recently, into wakeboarding.

Constantly expanding and developing, continually staying contemporary and cutting edge, Chaparral has now expanded into the realm of wakesurfing. Part waterskiing, part wakeboarding, but first and foremost surfing in its most consummate form, wakesurfing brings the waves to you, wherever, whenever, whatever. On the open ocean or inland waterways,Chaparral‘s unique and infinitely adaptable set-up allows you to create your own swell – right-hand, left-hand, mini barrels or gentle peelers; while it might not be First Point, it can break all day, every day, any day…and it never has to stop.

If you’ve dreamed of riding a single wave for ten minutes at a time, or being the master of the lineup whenever you want, make sure you check out Chaparral Boats’ spectacular display of wakesurfing, coming to the Noosa Festival of Surfing, March 4-11, 2017.

World Surfaris has long been the generous giver of incredible competitor draws, and will return for the fifth year running to donate an incredible 7-night trip for two to a mystery location. The only clue World Surfaris has offered is that it is an iconic longboard destination – sounds pretty good to us!

World Surfaris has been expertly catering to travelling surfers for 20 years, making exotic destinations not only accessible and achievable but also comfortable and affordable. The experienced and professional team leave nothing to chance, thinking of everything and more to allow you to concentrate on nothing but staying hydrated, topping up your sunscreen and getting wave after wave after wave.

One lucky competitor will be given a superb World Surfaris package just for taking part, and every single person who enters this year’s event will be in the running – but you’ve got to be in it to win it: the prize gets drawn on Saturday 11th March at the presentations, and if you aren’t there to claim the prize when your name gets called, you miss out!

Find out more about World Surfaris‘ amazing range of packages, adventures and holidays at www.worldsurfaris.com

Global Surf Industries has been supporting the Noosa Festival of Surfing for many years. The former naming rights sponsor joins us again in 2017 to proudly host the Life is Better When You Surf Film Festival, a two-day celebration of surfing cinematography.

The Life is Better When You Surf Film Festival will feature a collection of surfing films, including Phil Jarratt’s homage to our surfing forefathers, ‘Men of Wood & Foam’, Cyrus Sutton’s ‘Island Earth’ and a collection of local, national and international short films.

GSI’s mantra of Life is Better When You Surf embodies so much of what the Noosa Festival of Surfing celebrates, and it is a pleasure to welcome them back.

The Laguna Real Estate Noosa Festival of Surfing is thrilled to welcome Noosa Civic to the festival fold. Not only the hub of Noosa’s retail, the Noosa Civic is also an inspiration, developing and nurturing wetlands, recycling rain water, utilising solar energy and taking great steps to show that big business can still be eco-friendly.

Embodying its always family-friendly facility ethos, the Noosa Civic joins us as official partner of the Noosa Civic Family Challenge – the long-standing multi-generational division that embraces camaraderie, good sportsman (and woman) ship and family values. Defending champions, Jack and John Norton will doubtlessly return to withhold their title in 2017, while on the sand, planning is in place for numerous family-based activities for all ages soon to be announced; surfers, land-lubbers, come one, come all.

Where would we be without the good ol’ Aussie thong? (that’s sandal, flip-flop or jandal to those not fluent in Australian dialect!) But the saviour from bindis, scorching hot summer sand and molten bitumen is not so great on your body. In 2003, Aussie Soles director Craig Taplin identified a need for orthopaedically-designed footwear for the Australian lifestyle. Utilising the latest technologies and innovative design, a range was developed that offered versatility, support, quality and affordability.

Far from other daggy, clumpy orthopaedic footwear, Aussie Soles keep your toes cool, your body supported and still look funky and fantastic. Aussie Soles comes on board in 2017 as first-time partner of the Aussie Soles Men’s & Women’s SUP Race divisions.

The Blue Planet brand was born in the Hawaiian Islands 23 years ago and has prided itself on being at the cutting edge of Stand Up Paddle Board design and technology ever since. The name Blue Planet was inspired by the environment, and the company does its best to protect this great resource and use environmentally responsible materials, conserve energy and recycle.

Developed and tested by leading Hawaiian waterman Robert Stehlik, the line-up of boards is built to offer great performance in all riding conditions for beginners to advanced. The Blue Planet range has something for everyone. Stand-up paddleboarding has been one of the fastest growing ocean pastimes of recent years, and its popularity is continuing to swell, diversifying as much as its paddle-free counterpart. Blue Planet has maintained its position as one of the market leaders, expanding with demand to create a quiver of boards as broad as its customers’ requests.

With the inception of an entirely new SUP division, we are thrilled to welcome first-time sponsors, Blue Planet on board as hosts of the inaugural Blue Planet 10ft+ SUP Surf event.

Also joining the festival for the first time is Growl Towels. Designed especially for dog lovers and their dogs, Growl Towels are a fun collection of Towels to help you bond with your special pet. They join us in 2017 as official partner and presenter of the Growl Towels Costume Party – a fun freesurf session open to anyone willing to get dressed up for the entertainment of the crowd, and the pleasure of surfing First Point with just a handful of others.

Growl Towels‘ commitment is to reinforce that all dogs deserve basic care, dignity and respect from all humans and to promote positive interactions that will enhance the relationship with your dog. We can all contribute to a change of attitude that will improve the lives of less fortunate dogs simply by caring better for our own. Through the love we share with our own lucky pets, we can improve the lives of street dogs and neglected animals. When you purchase a Growl Towel a donation will be made to a number of charities to support their efforts.

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